V.Chronicles Draft #3 DONE! Here’s a peek Behind the Scenes:

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Draft #3 is done!

Yes, it’s finally DONE! On March 6th, the last chapter was revised. Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably saw my excited tweet. 🙂 (It took me a while to find time to write up this post though.) After a solid year of working on Draft #3, it is finally finished, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am! Celebrate with me, will you?

Draft #3 Final Results:

Current Page count: 472
Word count: 107, 080

Is it ready for you to read yet?
No, not yet (please refrain from throwing tomatoes at me). I had hoped 3 drafts would be enough, but alas, ’tis not so! Onward I must plunge into Draft #4… And I’m still working on that pesky book blurb (never knew they were so tricky to write until I needed one!).

This Milestone’s Challenge

Going through the second half of Draft #3, I focused more on note taking: Jotting down changes I wanted to make for Draft #4. It isn’t easy deciding which changes should be made when you’re the writer. You often have to step outside of your writer-mind and see the story from a reader’s perspective. For me, this has taken a lot of time and practice, and it was something I could only learn by repetition. Writing short stories, and taking in readers’ advice, has been a big help to me. Which leads me to the next part:

Writing Tips

I should have used this sooner, but I didn’t realize what this tool was until I was already in Draft #3! That tool is: a style sheet. Where a writer can organize their thoughts and notes about what things they plan to change in their next draft.

I had inadvertently made my own scrambled, unorganized list of things to change for each draft, but an actual style sheet is so much better! I plan to talk about this more in a later post, along with links to some resources. Stay tuned! 😉

Do you have a WIP, or a writing project you’re working on? If you’re a reader, have you ever thought about writing your own story some day?

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27 thoughts on “V.Chronicles Draft #3 DONE! Here’s a peek Behind the Scenes:

  1. Yay!! Congrats again, E.! And hey, we finished both of our drafts not just on the same weekend, but on the same day. 🙂

    213K?? Oh my… I applaud you for wrangling a story of that length. None of mine have ever been that long…

    Note-taking is very beneficial, I agree. Not only does it help you keep track of changes to make in your next draft, but it can also prevent you from self-editing during the current draft. That was a big problem I had during Draft #1 of TKC, and forcing myself to note those changes for later (instead of incorporating them immediately) helped me finish it faster. Well, a little faster. *lol*

    Are you taking a break between Drafts #3 and #4? Or are you diving in #4 right away?

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    • IKR, isn’t that crazy coincidence? 😀 Now, if it happens next draft too, I’ll be suspicious *shifty eyes*. J/k XD
      Okay so now that I’m looking at that number again, I realize I miscalculated the wordcount. Yeah, I’m not a mathematician for a reason. 😉 Problem is the whole manuscript started out as 245k, but because that was too massive a friend advised that I cut it in half and make two books. So that’s what I’ve been working to do the past few years, but I keep the whole thing on the same Word doc. So I can’t just see the wordcount. I have to copy/paste that whole 1st book into a fresh doc to see it. I’ll eventually separate the two into separate docs, but it’s just always been that way, and I haven’t bothered changing it yet. 😛 So the actual book one number is: 107,080.

      I hadn’t thought of the self-editing bit, but that’s true too. For me, I think too much before I actually write a sentence, so I typically don’t self-edit until the next draft. But then I’m a slow writer. That’s okay though, because my brain works that way. Got to stick with what works for each of us. 😉
      I’m diving into draft #4 right away, because this train cannot be stopped! Haha, I will take a break at a later draft though–really I will. 😀

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      • Yes, well, you already have a few weeks’ head start on me. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you finish before me. 😉

        Gotcha. I’d forgotten that you were going to split the first book into two. So, does this mean you’ve finished going through both books / halves, or just the first one?

        “For me, I think too much before I actually write a sentence, so I typically don’t self-edit until the next draft. But then I’m a slow writer. That’s okay though, because my brain works that way.”

        My brain functions that way when I write, too. And you’re right, there’s nothing wrong with being a slow writer. Which means we slow writers need to stick together. 😉

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        • It’s been very slow going though. And I can tell I’ll need to polish this WIP one more time. I like to listen to it over audio somehow…
          At first, I was going through both books, but then I realized that was insane and that it’d take me too long. So this past year has only been book 1.
          Yes! Together, we slow writers can keep our pace steady and strong, and come out with great WIPs at the end. ❤ 🙂

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  2. Wow, congrats! And well done. 😀 I’m still wrangling with planning out my second draft, and looking for any help at all, so that style sheet thing sounds interesting. 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on your progress! That word count is impressive. 😀 I’m on about draft #6 for one of my wip’s. A project I’ve been working on for about ten years, off and on. I’m hoping this one is the finisher as I’ve got a few readers waiting for more insight into the world as the novella I did was too short for those folks who enjoy a longer tale. On the other hand, a second wip I’m working on has just gone into its 2nd draft and I think that should be sufficient, hopefully. 😉

    I also like the idea of style sheets. It sounds very organised, which is always good, at least for me. Notebooks are great, but when you need to look something up quick, it gets tricky thumbing through paperwork. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Gregory! I’m glad to hear you’re doing drafts up to #6, because most writers are confident with 3 or 4 drafts, and I haven’t been. I definitely require more drafts for my work.
      Sounds like you have quite a few projects going on at once! That’s fab! I kind of have a 2nd project (my WIP for the #BlogBattles) but I only spend two days a week on it, so it’s very slow-going.
      I’m excited for both your projects. Maybe they’ll both be published this year?
      I posted the links to style sheets; I hope they come in handy. 🙂

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  4. Wow – 100K+ words! I feel tired just typing it – lol! Go you E Rawls! Am super proud. Still admiring your breath taking blog! Reminds me of an old fairy tale book I used to read. Where is this tea you were talking about?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol–I was tired typing it too. XD
      Thank you, your encouragement is wonderful writing fuel for me. ^_^ I feel inspired now!
      Ooh, which fairy tale did you used to read?
      Ah, yes! Here is the prized tea that you cannot find anywhere else, because it is my secret recipe of English Breakfast! *gives tea cup*

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