Haiku: Blanket & Careful

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My haikus for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge–a fun activity and contest that is open for everyone to participate, and helps keep our creative writer’s mind active! This week’s words are: Tight & Warm.

Longing for spring’s warmth
Tree fairy hugs the blanket,
Tight against cold fear.
Sword hilt tight in hand
Warm blood runs down to the grass,
Painful accident.

© 2016 E. E. Rawls and Rawls E. Fantasy
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How to read a haiku as 2 separate sentences:
Longing for spring’s warmth, Tree fairy hugs the blanket.
Tree fairy hugs the blanket, Tight against cold fear.

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31 thoughts on “Haiku: Blanket & Careful

  1. Ooh, I really enjoyed these! I went through wakas, tankas, and haikus in my literature class pretty recently! I had to write a few, too, though I’m afraid I’m not at all very good at them. 😛 Very nice, these ones!

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  2. I can identify with the first one. I too am waiting for spring’s warmth. And the second makes me wince – the last line kind of twists it from an image of a battle to, well, what it says, an accident. Is it the holder of the sword that’s hurt though, or someone else? Wonderful. 🙂

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  3. I’m with Phoenix on the first haiku; I know how the tree fairy feels. Hopefully she’ll feel warmer soon enough.

    That second one, though. Ooof. Are you sure it was an accident? Because it sounds pretty painful… 😉

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