Those of you expecting to see Madnes Solver here for the BlogBattle, please forgive me. I wish I’d been able to write up the next chapter for you, but as you can read from my last post it wasn’t possible. I only had time for this little poem. However, next week Madnes’ story will return, so please wait until then.


You came into this world

you took care of me,

you showed me how to laugh

you showed me how to dream,

and though you’ve left this world

you leave a legacy,

of the purest faith, hope, and love

that I have ever seen.

You were a gift to me.

© copyright 2015 E. E. Rawls and Rawls E. Fantasy, All Rights Reserved

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This is my entry for this week’s #BlogBattle challenge by the wonderful author Rachael Ritchey, where the challenge is to write a short story based on that week’s chosen word. This week’s word was: “Gift.” Check out the link, read other great stories there, and VOTE for your favorite 3 to win.

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