Jurassic World


About two weeks ago Jurassic World came out on DVD, and I’d been meaning to post this review, but life kept getting in the way. I decided to go ahead and post this anyway, in case any of you have yet to see the movie and are curious about it. 🙂

Thoughts on Plot: After having loved the “Dinosaur chases people as they run for their lives” trope found in the previous Jurassic Park movies, I came into this hoping for an intense movie filled with action and desperation as the main characters struggle to survive and escape the island. It’s a different kind of horror when you have a monstrous T-rex or velociraptor pack on your tail, determined to eat you. That was the feeling that the previous movies gave me, especially the 2nd, and that’s what I was looking for in this movie. Yes, I wanted to be scared out of my seat and jumping at every movement for fear a character I liked would become the next victim! But instead what I got was something unlike the classic movies.

I wasn’t scared; I wasn’t worried; and the story didn’t draw me in like I was hoping. Sure, there was dino action, but it felt more predictable and laid back. There was no epic run through the jungle as in Jurassic 2, and mostly it was the random people you didn’t know or care about who fell victim. The dinosaurs themselves weren’t all that frightening for me, in fact, it felt like they were more tame and friendly toward humans as now the island has became something like a zoo. I missed the wild, untamed version. Without it, there was no mystery or sense of discovery surrounding the different dino species. I missed the exploration and wildness of the previous movies.

What I did like was the CGI. I think if Jurassic 2 could be redone with today’s technology it would be the best of dinosaur films. But story-wise, Jurassic World failed for me. I wanted to care about the characters and story, but…it just didn’t happen. Maybe I’d think differently if this had been the first movie of the series I’d seen, but I grew up with the classic Jurassic and had different expectations for the film.

Overall: If you like dinosaurs and the Jurassic series, it is worth seeing at least once. But if, like me, you loved Jurassic 2, then prepare yourself for some dissapointment plot-wise. It’s an okay movie, the graphics really are spectacular, but the story itself needed something more. That is just my feeling anyway. Have you seen Jurassic World? What were your thoughts?


15 thoughts on “Jurassic World

  1. My main questions; Do the Dinos still view Humans as the main course, and are those Humans served up buffet-style throughout the feature? :p
    I’m not sure I’ve really paid attention to the plot of the movies. At least not above the carnage. I really like to see some people get their *ahem* just desserts.
    — John

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    • In a way the dinos do view humans as food, and the “tame” velociraptors end up attacking people. But then some have a “change of heart” so to speak, and help fight the big evil dino.
      Now that you mention it, that’s another thing I felt lacking! There wasn’t that “bad guys getting their just desserts” like the previous movies had.

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  2. I completely agree with your post regarding this movie. Maybe, it was down to having experience of the first movies and like you I expected to be scared and fearing for the character’s lives and this film just didn’t do that for me. Sad really, I was really looking forward to this new film.

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  3. I haven’t see the film yet, but I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to the first ones. I loved them as a kid. There was that sense of discovery there. I think I read a while ago that this is like reboot, but also a sequel? That it’s set about 20 years after the original trilogy? Or am I getting confused with something else?

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