Interview with E. Rawls

I was invited over to Cathleentownsend’s lovely blog today for an interview. 🙂

Cathleen Townsend

E Rawls author picThis week’s guest is E. Rawls, who dwells in imaginary worlds, and dreams of becoming an epic swordsmaster, learning how to ride a wild dragon, mastering the art of drawing, painting, and to one day fluently speak Tolkien’s language of the Elves. Rawls lives off of chocolate, iced coffee, good humor and fantasy, and is a Speculative Fiction, Epic Fantasy, Steampunk and YA Christian author in the making: taking readers to other worlds and inside the lives of unique, interesting characters. Her stories are character-driven, speckled with comedy, surviving tragedy, slice-of-life and perseverance.


Hi, Cathleen! Thank you for inviting me here on your lovely website. I look forward to your questions.

My first question for you is: What is the single most important quality in a novel? In other words, what must an author do to win you over?

For me that would be character development. No matter how much action is going…

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8 thoughts on “Interview with E. Rawls

  1. OMG! Your responses are so inspiring! I most often read interviews of book bloggers and it’s so refreshing to see a perspective of a writer towards a book. I’m sure you’ll reach a loooong mile with your current and future stories and by then, I’ll brag about the chances for interactions I had with this awesome author! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Trisha! ❤
      You are a wonderful boost for my writer's spirit. 🙂 I will try my best to become that awesome author! 😀 *determined face*
      Then I will brag about this wonderful book blogger who encouraged me. 🙂


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