Last Title Idea and Blurb

Again, I want to thank each of you for your advice and help these past few weeks with title and blurb ideas! *hugs* I really appreciate it, and with your help I believe I’ve finally decided on a title. I’ve also polished up the blurb and altered a few things.

At first I was intent on having Book #1’s title have a word beginning with V, but the ideas I came up with were overall too vague. I still like some of the ideas and may save them for a novella or something else, but for this first book I feel the auidence should be able to read the title and right away have some idea of what Book #1 is about. And so, for this book I will leave out the V. Though I do plan on V titles for the rest of the series; I just don’t think it fit well for this first book introducing readers to the series.

Here is the new title, and I think (hopefully) it gives you a better idea of what Book #1 is about:

Misfits of Harlow

Ta-daah~ There you have it! 🙂 What do you think?

And here is the blurb, a bit altered to better fit with the title. This is the long version; I may make a shorter one from it if necessary, but hopefully this length will do well. 🙂

The world fell to ruin long ago at the hands of the Vampiric Emperor, and according to prophecy he will soon return from the dead to finish what he started. There is only one power that can stop him, an ancient power of a soul reborn, only she doesn’t know it yet…

Living with the enemy. That’s what happens to Cyrus Sole when her elven people cast her out for being a half-blood with Elemental powers—feared even by her own family. She finds herself in the capital of elven kind’s most hated enemy, at the only place able to teach her how to master her power over metal: the elite school of the D.G. League. But there are obstacles. It’s a school for “boys,” and they hate elves. In this kingdom, elves are slaves.

Cyrus must create a new identity for herself, praying she can hide behind it until her training is complete—and hope she can survive her unusual new classmates…

Please let me know what you think! 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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18 thoughts on “Last Title Idea and Blurb

  1. I like the new title as well. It gives readers a better idea of what the story is about.

    And don’t mind me, but I have one more change to recommend for the blurb: What about ending it on the third paragraph and deleting the last two? That way, it keeps as much attention as possible on Cyrus while offering just enough information to entice readers into checking out the story.

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    • Glad you like the title!
      I always like suggestions. 🙂 Those last 2 were the ones I was debating about, actually. I just wasn’t sure if there was enough content based on only the previous paragraphs. If it’s called Misfits of Harlow, would it be lacking if the blurb didn’t name the misfits? I’m not sure. Do you think it would work without mentioning them?

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      • I think the three paragraphs should be enough… You only want to share enough information to entice the reader, and three paragraphs is a good length (and generally what most novels stick to for blurbs, too).

        As for the title-blurb relationship… It’s hard to know what else to say without having read the book, if you know what I mean. Plus, who knows what could happen as you continue revising the book and your beta-readers give feedback? You still have plenty of time to fine-tune the blurb and ensure the title really is a good fit. TKC may not always be the title for my WIP – it could change in 6 months, next year, etc. As much as I love it, I know I can’t be 100% set on it just yet, since it’s still a ways off from publication. Give yours some more time, too. See what happens as you get closer to publication (I think you were hoping to self-publish this book, right?).

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    • Thank you, Sara. I needed to hear that. I will give mine some more time, and think about the title and blurb once I’m closer to publication. I am so-far planning to self-publish, but that could change if I come across a publisher I feel would be a good fit for the series. Like you said, I have time to think about these things.

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  2. I like the new title, it fits the description well. Like Sara above me though, I think that the blurb should mention the ” misfits”, but there seems to be a jump from the first to second paragraphs. Also, minor question, why is boys in quotation marks?

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    • Thanks, Phoenixgrey. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you–I was away on a trip. You’re right, it is a jump between paragraphs. The first is about the main plot of the series, while the second focuses more on Book #1. Is it okay that way, or does it feel too confusing?
      Ah yes, I think I’ll remove the quotations; thank you for pointing that out. I was using quotation marks for emphasis, but looking at it now I don’t think it needs emphasis.

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      • I think something we wrong with WordPress. I replied to this comment, and it’s managed to disappear. Sigh.
        Anyway, as I said, I feel it is a bit too much of a jump between the paragraphs. Maybe it needs something to link the two together?

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  3. This is a definite improvement. I’m just chiming in to say I like the title a lot better, and second both Sara and Phoenixgrey. Sara is dead on about book mutation. I have books that have started out firmly set, and turned into another thing altogether. The blurbs I wrote at the beginning didn’t fit the final book, so to speak. So do keep that in mind 🙂

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  4. I can tell you put a lot of work into both the title and the synopsis. I’m sure it took a lot of editing, deleting, adding, and all that fun stuff. And guess what? It paid off! I think your final product is great! The title is amazing and the plot will definitely capture any fantasy lover’s attention. Honestly, I’m so proud of you! 🙂 10/10, buddy!!!

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    • Thank you, Lily!!! It took me a long time to reach this point (and a lot of head bashing against wall), and I’m glad it paid off. I might tweak a few more things, but at least I’m closer to the finale now. 🙂


  5. This sounds cool to have elves as the dominated race since often they’re the supreme one. A vampiric empire sounds chilling yet cool!

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    • Thank you, Victoria! I’m really glad you like the story idea! I’m a Lord of the Rings fan (it’s one of those story’s that drew me into writing fantasy), so I knew I had to have elves in my series. 🙂 My elves are very different from LOTR’s elves though, and I’m hoping people will like that.

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