Haikus: Bust a Move/Shackled

My haikus for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge–a fun activity and contest that is open for everyone to participate, and helps keep our creative writer’s mind active! This week’s words are: Bust & Must. I hope you enjoy.

Sinking, drowning, must
Bust free from sin’s dark shackles,
Step into the light.
“Bust a Move”
That music, I must
Bust a move out of this world!
A super hero.

© 2015 Rawls E. Fantasy  Newsletter

How to read a haiku:
That music, I must, Bust a move out of this world!
Bust a move out of this world! A super hero.

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26 thoughts on “Haikus: Bust a Move/Shackled

          • Oh, I have, for over a month, maybe longer. I look forward to the two words and Monday. Ronovan always seems to discover the perfect two words each week. It is amazing.

            Haiku is one of my forms of meditation and an enjoyment. I love working with words and having a prescribed working space to fill. It is a grand challenge putting word to page.

            I began writing before I was a teenager, poetry and prose. I started writing Haiku about five years ago. Studied with several people and read a brilliant book relaying stories of how Haiku began, including the teaching of the practice.

            For me Haiku is addicting. 🙂

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              • You will keep getting deeper the more you write your Haiku. The book I mentioned is titled “The Heart of Haiku” written by Jane Hirshfeld. Just in case you are interested. I read through some pages this evening. I must say I thought I actually held the book in my hand when I first began reading it a while back. I was sure it was a real live book but when I couldn’t find it tonight, my partner told me to check my kindle. It was there. Inside the pageless techno wonder. I am going backwards and loving the feel of the actual book in my hands. Odd I should hallucinate that specific book.

                You might like it. Read inside on Amazon to be sure.

                Haiku has much to offer and a lot to teach us. It has so many forms. I am always learning more, as you are.
                jk 😎

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