Can You Solve This Riddle?

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To continue celebrating today’s Blogoversary, here is a riddle for you to solve, provided via the poetry book “Bleeding Heart”:

And check out the Beautiful People post, also in celebration!

(Answer: Scroll down to the bottom of the comments to read the “answer” 🙂 )

Bright to behold, but giving light I cannot.

Looking warm to the eye, yet cool to the touch.

Seeming as the brilliant sun above in its glory,

But I am wrenched from that limitless sky’s story.

Unlike the sun, I am grounded below in Its shadow,

To ebb and fade, molting white into the likeness low

Of a small pearly moon—feathery to your hand’s touch,

For the short time before wisps of air carry me in a rush

Off through the currents—to where, I have no control

Until I die to live again, reborn in my new knoll,

And once more shine my lightless brilliance

Across the earth…I am limitless.

What am I?

It’s a tough one. 🙂 Can you guess the answer? Place your answer in the comments or #bleedingheartriddle, and by 11:00 pm (Eastern time zone) I will give you the answer in this post’s comments and announce who guessed right! So, be sure and check back here at 11:00 pm Eastern time. 🙂 While you’re here, take a peek at the new Beautiful People post 10928109_595959117172101_1450331761_n[1]

The Riddle Answer is at the end of the comments section.

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22 thoughts on “Can You Solve This Riddle?

  1. Hmmmmm… Part of me thinks it’s something physical. The first thing that came to mind was a firefly, but I doubt that’s it… Because the other part thinks it’s something abstract or intangible. Like a hope or a wish. So that’s my answer: a wish.

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  2. The first half made me think of gold, until it got to the feathery part.

    It could be a reflection of light on water, but again the feathery part is a problem.

    I’m thinking dandelions, which sprout gold, then turn into those white wispy…thingies, and then the wind blows away the seeds, which take root and grow new flowers.

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