An Author Enters the 7/7/7 Challenge #writer

Thank you Blondewritemore for nominating me for this WIP challenge! She’s a talented blonde in the thriller genre, and has a fun sense of humor as she blogs about the daily problems of writers/bloggers. 🙂

The rules are simple:

  • Go to page 7 of your WIP
  • Scroll down to line 7
  • Share the next 7 sentences in a blog post.
  • After the excerpt tag 7 other writers to continue the challenge.

It has been a long time since my last attempt at this challenge. On that post I had changed things up and made it a 7/7/7/7 challenge because it was a more compeling scene than where my original 7/7/7 landed at the time. But now I’m going to do it right! With all the editing I’ve been doing, the 7/7/7 has now shifted to a decent spot, so I hope you enjoy this sneaky peeky. 😉

Here is what I’ve got for you from my WIP

 Series title: V. Chronicles

“Best hurry home, now, lad!” the goblin said. “And do bring a more, reh…‘dangerous’ weapon with you while traveling alone, next time.” He eyed the lantern pole, clearly amused by it.

Hmph!” he sniffed in protest at the comment, taking it as an insult, even if an accurate one. Items stuffed in coat pockets, he waved an uncertain hand to the old hunchback before hurrying on through the snow-packed path, lantern bouncing behind him. The cool, dark of night shrouded all else once more.

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Here are my nominations. Share a 7/7/7 of your current WIP (or New Release) 😀 :

Rachel Ritchey

Claire M. Banschbach


Jack Lewis Balliot

Candice Coates

Sarah Colliver

Michael Gunter

Mariella Hunt

Even if you weren’t nominated, you can join in! Just link back to this post so we can all read your 7/7/7. 🙂

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