Haikus: Keep Away From Bees

My haiku for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge, a fun activity and contest that is open for everyone to participate, and helps keep our creative writer’s mind active! This week’s words are: Source & Thought. I have 2 haikus this week! One very silly, and one more serious; I hope you enjoy them.

“Keep Away From Bees”

Whatever I thought,

To hug a hornet was dumb,

The source of my pain.


“Never Alone”

What is the source of

Contentment in a bleak thought?

God holding my hand.

Bees are my bane; or rather wasps, hornets, and yellow-jackets–Ugh! Only honey bees and bumble bees are good, and great for the environment. But I can’t stand the rest. 🙂

Never alone; those who love God, He loves in return.

How to read a Haiku:

Whatever I thought, To hug a hornet was dumb.

To hug a hornet was dumb, The source of my pain.

© 2015 E. Rawls   Newsletter

7 thoughts on “Haikus: Keep Away From Bees

  1. *lol* The first one was funny, in sort of a painful way. (Does that… make me a horrible person?) I don’t like wasps and hornets and the like, either. They’re just nasty little buggers. Some springs I’ve even had problems with wasps getting into my condo through the bathroom vent. *cringes* But that’s only if it gets too hot too early in the spring, and this year has not been that way. 😉


    • Haha, you are laughing at my pain, lol! We have problems with wasps squeezing into the house through windows, *yuck* And for some reason they like the deck outside and bother me when I’m trying to sit out there and write. Sounds like you are “wasp free” this year (lucky you, lol). 😉

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