Original? Is That Even Possible?

It’s a great feeling if your work gets called “Original” by someone. You feel like you’ve written something special and worthwhile, something that nobody else has thought up but you. Your story is unique, and that’s why so many people will want to read it. You hope for that word “Original” as a label on your book. But soon a difficult reality strikes: To write something people will consider “Original” means you have to think way outside-the-box. This post is inspired by the post: helpingwritersbecomeauthors/originality-in-your-fiction/ and is a different take on the subject with questions and suggestions for you. This is not the only way to write, and not every story needs to be original. But if you are looking to write something that is “outside-the-box,” below are simple suggestions and things to think about.

What does it mean?

“Original” means something the reader hasn’t read or experienced before in a story until they read yours. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. With the millions of books, and even more short stories out there in the world, it’s almost impossible to write an original book in this way. And that’s okay. “Original” doesn’t have to mean that “no one in the history of the world” has ever written something similar to your work; but it can mean that your story is not the current norm: It thinks outside the box, and has unexpected twists and turns that keep readers guessing. This definition of “Original” is when readers have to keep guessing what will happen next, and how the overall plot will unfold. Here are some questions and tips for how you can go about “original” writing in this way:

Check your scenes.

In the story’s climax, can you predict what’s going to happen next, right away? What is it that readers will expect to happen? If the plot is too predictable, or if you want to spice things up, consider having the scene or character do the opposite, “the unexpected,” in that moment. Not every scene has to be unexpected, but adding a few moments here and there throughout chapters can help make a story and its character/s interesting, and keep readers thoroughly entertained.

Create what is unique to your world.

This is fairly obvious, and works very well in the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres especially. Creating worlds, plant life, animal life, and peoples that are unique to your story give “originality” to your work. If you want to go all out, you could even create languages for your world.

Your writing style.

Usage of words.

Every writer has their own way of using words. How unique your style is can give a sense of “original writing.” Think Dr. Seuss, Terry Pratchett, and other creative authors, how out-of-the-box their use of words were, and how much we love them for it. Whether you choose a fun style, or a more serious style of writing, your use of words impacts the reader and overall reading experience.

Usage of imagery.

Similar to how you use words is how you use them to convey imagery. Bring the images to us, and make us see the world that is unique to your story. Make us see, feel, and breathe it in as if we were actually there. The more we feel like we are there and a part of your world, the more “original” your story will come across.

With these tips, come up with your own writing style that is unique to you, and a world readers can feel and breathe in that will be special to your books. Soon, you will be creating stories more and more people will feel are “original,” and outside the norm; and there’s a good chance they’ll come back wanting more! Keep in touch with the Blog and E. Rawls’ progress on V.Chronicles via the Newsletter.

Comment below; What are some ways you go about writing original in your stories? Or does originality in writing matter much these days? Don’t go just yet! More articles and writing tips will be on the way, so be sure and “follow” the blog; and keep up with extra tips, writing and fun on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Bloglovin and Twitter!

~E. Rawls, The Elusive Dreamer

13 thoughts on “Original? Is That Even Possible?

  1. Great post~ Good things to keep in mind. Being original can be so hard sometimes. I’ve even come accross times where I’ve had an idea I haven’t seen before, and then I read or watch something and there’s my idea. >_> And I thought the idea of Elves riding deer was creative…

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    • I know right? Same thing happened to me, some ideas in my story I thought were so cool and unique, and then I saw another story do the same thing, 😦 I guess it happens to all of us now.
      I still think your Elves riding deer is creative :D. Especially if the deer are super powerful deer, or a rare breed that’s unique!


  2. Great post, Elisabeth. Coming up with completely new ideas for stories is SO hard. Sometimes the best we can do is say, “OK, are there any stories out there that are similar to mine? If there are, how can I made mine different from theirs?” It’s challenging, and frustrating too – especially if an existing idea inspires your own, which is the case with mine. But it’s changed so much since the original “birthing” that (I hope) it’s become its own thing now.

    If you’re interested, Ann Cassowary’s blog has a couple good articles on originality in writing – and in some cases, putting new spins on existing ideas. Here’s one I liked a lot: https://anncassowary.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/taking-ideas-and-making-them-yours/

    On a kind-of-sort-of-not-really-related note… THAT IMAGE. OMG. I swear I’m looking at part of the world in TKC. *hits “Save”* And I’m totally adding a second moon to the night sky now. 😀

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    • I hear you! I’m beginning to think that most stories are inspired by an existing idea or story, but as you said we want our stories to grow and become their own existence in the book realm. I will go check out that article now, thanks!
      Lol, isn’t it cool? I’ve been playing around with it on my desktop, it’s so beautiful! I wish I could dive into that world! Second moon sounds cool 😀

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      • “I’m beginning to think that most stories are inspired by an existing idea or story, but as you said we want our stories to grow and become their own existence in the book realm.”

        Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂

        I still love the second moon idea. The only thing is, I realized that now I’ll have to think about lunar cycles, just so I don’t have two moons showing up in the same position each night. *lol*

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  3. Great post! I’m going to share on my author FB profile as well 🙂 You made excellent points. Being original is always difficult. It’s the reason why I tried not to watch Naruto or any other intense/action anime series because I didn’t want to be influenced. That, and it would distract me too much. But these are definitely tips that will help writers. It’s a common question “am I original?” or not. 😀

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