Tell 5 Secrets Blog Hop

The talented, fabulous and funny blonde, BlondeWriteMore, sent me this blog hop challenge. She is a fellow blogger who never ceases to make me laugh with her sense of humor, and a fellow writer working on her coming-soon best seller! Her blog is witty, great, and lots of fun; check it out! I have to reveal 5 secrets, big or small, about myself and post them on my blog. Yikes! Secrets? Do I really have to tell secrets? At the end of the post I must nominate another blogger to suffer the same challenge, hehe.

Okay, here goes!

  1. I have an elf name: Elisereth. A friend and I years back decided we needed elf names, and that is what mine ended up becoming. I’m not sure that it technically fits in with Tolkien’s language of the elves, but it sounds cool and wispy, and has a “th” sound as many elvish words do. Good enough for me 😀
  2. I think frogs, toads, and lizards are cute; I grew up catching them with my bare hands. Every new place we moved to, I was eager to find what amphibians there were to catch. I must say that catching Italian lizards was the most fun 🙂 I’d wait until they were calmly sipping their cappuccinos… (lol, j/k).
  3. The first book I ever read was The Time Machine. And no, it didn’t scare me. Even though I was young, instead it fascinated me.
  4. Sometimes I secretly practice sword fighting skills 😉 Hey, you never know when you might need them!
  5. Squishing bugs creeps me out, so instead I get out the vacuum and vacuum them up.

Alright! Now, I must nominate another blogger. Hmmm, who should it be… Who should I make to suffer this fate of revealing deep secrets? Hehe, I know just the one! She’s a fab writer and fun blogging friend who recently published her book (check it out): I nominate Rachael Ritchey!

13 thoughts on “Tell 5 Secrets Blog Hop

  1. These were fun to read, Elizabeth! I was the kind of girl who was grossed out by worms, frogs, lizards, etc. So I absolutely refused to touch them! *lol*

    Oooooh, yes, the sword-fighting skills will come in handy when you least expect it. Like if a burglar breaks into your home – he’ll regret messing with you! 😉

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    • Haha, if we had met as kids I would have cured you of that fear and brought you on “lizard catching” trips 😀
      Lol, I’ll whip out my trusty katana blade and long sword! Too bad I can’t carry them around with me everywhere. ;D

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  2. Well, my uncle used to carry his nunchuks with him when he lived in Chicago, even though that is illegal. It saved in a few times! Oh the interesting stories he could tell. haha I loved your secrets, Elisereth! 🙂 If I had an elf name, mabye it would be something like Radis (Rah-diss). 😀 What do ya think? I’ll take you up on that challenge. 🙂 Thanks! ❤

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