Haiku: “Danger Lurks”

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #37 is: Foul & Sweet.

“Danger Lurks”

Her temper is foul,

Though her soothing touch is sweet,

Danger lurks within.


I’m happy to hear your thoughts on it.

© E. Rawls

15 thoughts on “Haiku: “Danger Lurks”

  1. So many guesses as who that woman could be. Many things come to mind. A temptress woman from the bible, an evil queen type character from a fairy tale, or any sort of woman trying to lead the story’s hero astray.
    I like it. It leaves you wondering who she is and what’s happening It hooks you.

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    • Thanks, Kima! Yes, that was my intention–I’m glad I pulled it off 😀 Also, the woman could be a force of nature, like the sea when it’s quiet or when it’s raging and drowns people. It could be anything or anyone–and maybe she is lurking behind you right now? *fearfully looks about*

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  2. This sort of reminds me of the villain from Rachel Hartman’s Shadow Scale (the sequel to Seraphina). She’s cunning and persuasive to the point that she makes people believe she cares about them and has their best intentions in mind – and then rips one’s heart to shreds (figuratively speaking). Nice job!

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