Author Interview: Kima Prince

kimaavviupdateToday’s interview is with Kima Prince, author of the Badlands Fantasy series, books written for young readers but enjoyable for all ages, in the fantasy genre. Her website:

Welcome Kima Prince! It’s great to have you here with us.

Glad to be here! Love your blog and the articles you put out! Writing, villains, poetry~

Aw, hehe, thanks! I try my best 🙂 So, my first question is: What inspired you to begin the writing journey and become an author?

I’ve wanted to be an author since…forever. I learned my first lesson about taking critique and listening to it at age 9. I tried to write my first novel series in middle school…what finally got me on the road to being an indie author? My husband. After we were married he really encouraged me to write and finish a book and that’s how the first book of Badlands Fantasy, Pendant, came about….then I realized that was only the first book in a series and I had to press forward.

You have a new book coming out in April: “Edge of the Badlands,” Book 2 in the Badlands Fantasy series. Congratulations! Can you tell us about this new book, and the Badlands Fantasy series in general?

Badlands Fantasy is a crazy adventure set in the future of one of my old fantasy worlds. It’s about a Royal Guard, Alexandros, who, according to him, was unjustly banished to the Badlands: the wasteland that the fantasy kingdom of Wen’Eudocia send their criminals that they don’t know how to handle. Fantasy kingdom refers to the land east of the Badlands where Elves, Dwarves and my own race called Halfcats now live, separate from the Humans (they live south of the Badlands). Apparently, long ago, the Humans rebelled against living with the other races, separating themselves and eventually forgetting that the other races existed.

Which is where the Edge of the Badlands comes into play. The Edge of the Badlands is a large forest at the southern border of the Badlands that stretches from the poison swamps to the desert/mountains. The forest seperates Wen’Eudocia from the Human territory of Galadx. The fantasy kingdom guards the forest to keep the humans’ superstition that the forest is haunted. That way, the Humans never learn about the fantasy kingdom again. They like being separate.
Except my lil’ group of heroes (or outcasts), Alexandros, Ryu and the Dwarf Kyly have to go through the Edge of the Badlands to deliever a message to the Jasper Kingdom, the kingdom east of Galadx. To do so, they have to get past Dark Creatures, animals controlled by evil, and Alexandros fears that if the guard finds him, they’ll take him back to the Badlands. That’s not the only thing Alexandros has to worry about as his young Halfcat friend, Ryu, runs away into the forest.
Then there is Tahlya. Shes been mentioned in the first book but it’s in Edge of the Badlands that we finally get to know her. She’s a human gal from Northern Galadx and she’s not superstitious. Instead she wants to find out why the Dustbunnies, normally rather harmless Dark Creatures, have been on a rampage lately (they destroyed her garden) so her idea is to go through the Edge of the Badlands and find the source of the Dustbunnies. Her friend Scott thinks she’s nuts, but he leaves her with a few weapons: gloves with electrical powers, and a gun.
Tahlya is really good at getting herself in and out of trouble; and at loosing stuff.
Which is where we pull in Zephaniah — er — Prince Zephaniah, the Lord of Twilight’s son. Wait, what? The embodiment of evil, the Lord of Twilight, can have a son? Yep, but there seems to be a stressed relationship there. Zephaniah is sent into the forest by his father to herd the Dustbunnies out of the forest and to his father. Dustbunnies hadn’t been migrating with the other Dark Creatures and the Lord of Twilight wants Zephaniah to retrieve them. So into the forest Zephaniah goes, riding his flying Dark Creature.
While in the forest, Zephaniah finds the reason why the Dustbunnies aren’t migrating, as well as a few odd characters, like a girl with electro-gloves and an old warrior woman who has a message for him.
With Ryu lost in the forest, Alexandros wery of the Guard, and the Prince of Twilight roaming the forest…well, you can expect some trouble.

Which character do you have the most fun writing about in the series?

In the first book it was Ryu and Jafaunz. Ryu is so cute and Jafaunz is so brilliantly crazy. For Edge of the Badlands, my favorites were Tahlya and Zephaniah. Tahlya runs in circles because her curiosity and sanity don’t seem to agree with whether she should stay in the forest or leave, and she’s kinda like me, just more extrovert. Zephaniah is so full of himself and yet all he wants is to be respected by his father. Then I mess with his head with the Dustbunnies’ power source and the old woman and yeah. Oh, and he’s mad at me cause I apparently misspelled his name a lot in the first draft. Haha.

The two main Dustbunny characters in EotB (and one should be inPendant too) are also interesting to write, mainly because they’ve sorta invaded the story and I don’t know what they’re doing but they’re doing it anywho.

What influenced your world-building of the Badlands Fantasy world?

Ahahahaha. I don’t know. As mentioned it’s the future of one of my old fantasy worlds, so I had the basics of how the races lived, but other than that…I can’t quite remember. Obviously I got the idea of Elves and them living in woods from Lord of the Rings, same with dwarves being in mountains. The Badlands tho? I watch a TV show called Leverage where these used-to-be criminals end up being like a modern day robin hood team, and I wanted to merge that idea with LotR originally with Badlands, but that just didn’t happen. I think the only thing that stuck around from that is Alexandros being banished. I just make a lot of things up as I go and forget how I did it.

What were the challenges you faced in bringing your story and characters to life?

NEVER seat-of-the-pants a novel series! With Badlands my big problem is that I don’t quite know where the story is going cause I didn’t do a lot of planning before running into Pendant…then Pendant was finished and it was like “oh shoot. I started a series…I didn’t plan for this!” Once I come up with a charrie though, it’s pretty easy for my imagination to run away and they just become who they are. I have to be careful with that though, because if I develop the charrie before I develop the story I could end up with two different things. So I have to figure out where the story is going so that the charrie can fit into it. Not that a developing charrie doesn’t change the course of a series. They do. Kyly didn’t develop how I thought she would and now I got to figure out what to do with her. Cassy also is becoming a much more major character. Didn’t expect her to be such good friends with Jafaunz, so I didn’t expect her to come into any of the other books. Dek also had some character added to him that makes me wonder if he’s going to get involved further on…so yeah. Not planning the story very well (or at all) was a challenge as I had to figure out what was going on as I wrote. I didn’t want to delay the next book too long, but I had to figure out what was going on.
Most of it is still ideas actually…

What message do you want readers to take away after reading your books?

With Badlands Fantasy….I really don’t know. It was written for entertainment more than to get a message across and the story was never developed much for me to have something like that in mind. I think forgiveness might be playing into it as well as the whole Good beats Evil thing. The power of evil is still nothing against the power of good (God). I guess that’s my message. That evil, no matter how powerful it may seem, is still nothing compared to God’s power.

What other books can we expect to be coming our way in the future?

KoleKronos Space! 😀
Hopefully later this year. It’s going to take a lot of work though and I have a new job so my time to spend writing is less but, an adventure with time travel, other realms (dimensions) and the chance for a young man to change his past, and hopefully his future? 😀 Yay! Also other races from the different realms, the Vahalos who are tall, strong two-tailed beings from the 5th realm, then the Cattish who are mostly a pure evil race and enemies of the Vahalos…one of the few times a cat-like race isn’t cute and cuddly for me…a long limbed, green-blue skinned bald race that makes me think of anphibians and fish from the 2nd realm…and a bug guy who isn’t even from the Earth Kronos Space 😀 I know a lot of that sounded like gobbly-gook.
I know that sounds rather Sci-Fi but it has a much more fantasy feel. Like Dragon Ball Z. DBZ has hover cars, capsule corp things, dragon radar, aliens, etc but still feels very fantasy like, and I think that’s because it focuses more on it’s story and its special Ki powers than it does on the tech.
Yes, DBZ inspired Kronos Space…that’s rather obvious sometimes…

And of course the third book of Badlands Fantasy will come out…but I still need to write its first draft (and plot out the story in writing better) Once I get situated with my new job and what I can do with Kronos Space, I’ll see about starting the first draft.

Thanks for coming onto the E. Rawls blog and participating in this fun interview, Kima Prince!

Edge of the Badlands is available now for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and iBooks. Hurry over and grab your copy before April. EotbCover2sitesize

The Badlands Fantasy series is good fun and fantasy for all young readers; I have read Books 1 & 2 and enjoy the characters and the Badlands world they live in.


And you can also sign up for Kima’s Mailing list and receive the free prequel story: Banished. Banished tells the story about how Alexandros got banished to the Badlands, and preferably should be read after the first book, Pendant, or the second. You can read more about the series and author Kima Prince at Hehasplans Bookshelf. Don’t forget to follow her blog while you’re there!

Also find Kima Prince on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads

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