Moment of Peace

From the book: Bleeding Heart

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“Moment of Peace”

Argue, bicker as the stage performance is planned.
Worry, hurry, silent upset and frustration in the air.
Stress, the torments of life surfacing
—Impossible to get along with everybody.

But when the lights change, and the stage curtains open
All come together to perform their dance.
All thoughts fading, and worries gone, anger halted
To live in the moment, to live in the performance…

The moment washing away all else
Bringing calm, tranquility, and life to the soul.
And suddenly…
There is no beautiful, there is no ugly
There is no fat, there is no thin
There is no smart, there is no dumb
There is no tall, there is no short
There is no black, there is no white
There is no popular, there is no outcast
There is
Only you.
As one, and together.
A moment of peace, harmony, coexistence born!

Lights out, performance done,
All go back to crazy, judgmental lost lives…

But if only we could “hold on” to that moment of time
—grasp it tightly; make it our way of life—
No more arguing, prejudice, jealousy, silly fighting,
But pure harmony…peace…
Fluidly working together as “one” …

As if the stage lights were forever on.

~E. Rawls “The Elusive Dreamer”

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