E.Rawls’ Book Review of: “Clash of the Clans” by author L. Benitez

Welcome to my first book review! I may not be the most clever-worded person, or extensive, but all of my reviews are 100% honest and the opinions are my own. If you’ve read my “About” page, then you have an idea of what types of stories I enjoy writing and reading. I’m also a supporter of indie authors in the genres: fantasy, asian, ninja, christian, scifi, vampire, medieval. But please keep in mind I do NOT review books with ecchi, explicit or inappropriate scenes, or profane language. With that being said, I greatly appreciate people who read my work and leave reviews, and those who ask that I read their work (especially the ones who follow my blog ^-^). I’m on Goodreads, feel free to connect with me there, on my FB page, and on Twitter as well, and leave comments 🙂 Now, my friends, let’s move on to the book review!


Get ready to fight, Sector 7! It’s Battle Month for the thirteen shinobi clans spread across Shaaku Den. A tournament where students represent their skill must prove themselves and their skills in the Ninjutsu Art. The Kitsune Clan enters into the tournament, lead by the second-in-command Akira Miyamoto, who grudgingly brings along Sector 7. Not only is Sector 7 one person short of a complete team, but five out of the six members are new students and ranked as fresh meat. Can the members of Sector 7 survive the tournament? Or will the nerves of competition and other shortcomings keep them from victory?

I give this book 5/5  ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ for fun characters and well-described martial arts combat.

This companion book to the Shinobi 7 series is tons of fun and a great read! It didn’t even matter that I’ve yet to read books from the “main series” because this book is it’s own little story. The characters are fun to read about. I love their personalities and the way they interact with one another. Hints of romance here, hints of anger there, hints of tragic events from a distant past…so many things to keep you guessing and wondering, character-wise! My favorite characters have to be Hanran and Luna. Hanran is the naturally-talented and cool guy of the bunch, and I have the feeling there’s more to him than meets the eye, some harsh past we’ve yet to learn about in this book. Luna is a fun-loving kid who plays with life and doesn’t seem to have a worry or care in the world. Yet at the same time she is a determined spirit and a real fighter when it comes down to it. She loves her friends and stands up for them. Her interaction with Kuroi is downright hilarious! These were my most favorite, but really all the students of sector 7 are favorites. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. The martial arts moves were very well described and I felt like I was there watching the tournament as it played out. I loved the use of combat terminology in scenes. And as a person who loves the ninja genre and asian cultures, I enjoyed the bits of japanese words and asian culture added in! Some of the wording needed a little revising, but honestly the story is great either way. It’s full of personality! I’m a person who loves character-driven stories, and it can be difficult to draw me in and make me care about a character. But as you can see,I’m already attached to these characters, and I’m eager to learn what the author has planned next for them. I recommend this book for any young reader who likes ninjas, combat, adventure and asian culture. It’d make a great gift, and fun stocking stuffer for Christmas! (I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.) For all the information on Clash of Clans and author L. Benitez, check out these links. And did I mention she has a new book release this coming friday? Find out more!


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4 thoughts on “E.Rawls’ Book Review of: “Clash of the Clans” by author L. Benitez

  1. I was your first book review post? You were mine as well! 😀 I am so happy that you liked the book, thank you for reading and taking the time to write a review. I’m also over-the-moon that Luna is one of your favorite characters.

    You’ll get a lot of review requests from authors, you’ve done great!

    *over the internet high five* XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, what an excellent first review. This book sounds great! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ve never read a story about Ninjas, and only a few with an Asian-culture setting, but now I’m thinking about giving this one a try. 🙂


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