7 Smart Ways to Earn Multiple Streams of Income from a Single Manuscript

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For aspiring authors and new authors just getting into the business of Self Publishing, this is for you!

Important things you need to know about your options as a self published author–options you should, and NEED, to be taking advantage of.

This is an excerpt, read the full original article by Joanna Penn on thewritelife.com HERE.

“Your manuscript starts as just one document. Because of this, authors generally think in terms of one book — they don’t realize that multiple streams of income can flow from this small beginning. Scalability is a key concept. It means that you create something once and then sell it multiple times.”

4. Publish your book in audio format

Audiobooks are an expanding market. Sell your books in audio format through Audible, iTunes, Amazon and other services, as well as selling directly from your site. For indie authors in the U.S. and U.K., ACX.com is a great way to get your books into audio. You can also record your own work and sell direct using Selz, e-Junkie, Gumroad or other services.

6. Collaborate on translations

Germany has a population of 80 million, and Germans are big readers. Ebook adoption is increasing and Germany is the third-largest ebook market after the U.S. and U.K. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the U.S., which is the most mature ebook market. You can work with an agent to find foreign rights deals for you, or you can use IPR License or  PubMatch to sell your own foreign rights. Indie authors are also now doing joint venture deals directly with translators. You can also use a site like BabelCube, which works as an intermediary and publisher in these types of deals. Read on

~I hope reading the full article linked above has inspired you to do more with your book than just leaving it as is. Having a paperback version is great. Having an ebook version is great. But if you want to go further and reach more people, these are your options to do so–long as you own the copyright, and have the enduring will and drive to get it done.

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~Thank you, and happy reading!

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