How to Deal with Writer’s Block

So, you want to write a book! You have some great ideas for it, and now it’s time to put those ideas out on paper into a wonderful story for all to read and enjoy! You begin writing, and maybe already have a page or more finished, but then…suddenly…you are faced with a problem…

You put pen to paper, or place fingers to keyboard, and your mind goes blank.

This problem is (yes, you guessed it) the dreaded


What can you do? What can possibly be done to deal with this horrible illness which befalls many a writer and novelist…?

Here is a solution which may cure the symptoms and help prevent further attacks from this fiend!

My friend and fellow fantasy author Kima Prince found this very helpful article with the best, easy-to-follow advice I’ve read so far in showing writers how to deal with–and prevent–WRITER’S BLOCK:

“Tricking the Muse”

Read it on Kima Prince’s blog here:

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