A Fairy’s Longing

art Nene Thomas

“A Fairy’s Longing”

Dusk turns to night,
I open crystal wings.
Fireflies glide above
A flowing, glowing stream.

I hear the flutes of elves
And see the dancing fauns,
But it’s up in the sky
Where I want to belong.

I gaze up at the night,
Silvery light cascading down
With a black velvety cloak
Holding the Moon like a crown.

So far yet so close
That dream-world of the Moon.
Ever present, ever white,
I dance its soft lullaby tune…

~It twirls and sways, like reeds in the wind,
Around the earth’s spin, its flow never pinned~

All night dancing away in Its pure-white glory,
But daylight soon dawns, it’s the end of night’s story.
Once more I go hide, to sleep the day through
Awaiting the soft, gray curtains of dusk to bloom.
The forlorn lullaby of the Pearl in the sky’s song
Runs through my mind like a mysterious gong,
Visions of what’s out there, and what lies beyond
Sing as I dream on and on
Of the world of the Moon.

~From the book “Bleeding Heart”~

Bleeding Heart, Elizabeth Rawls, Rachel Rawls, poem book, poetry, short stories, riddles

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