POEM: “Life’s Ocean”

“Life’s Ocean”

The ocean stretches out–it flows on and on,

The sky and water both mirror images

Of rosy, gold clouds spreading across twin smooth surfaces

–out into the distant horizon.

My ship sails on through that never-ending path of water

Sailing desperately to reach that far-off shoreline

Where the two meet as one on the shore of home

–the place where we belong.


At times, it seems so very far away, making me want to quit,

Stop and give up

Let the waves throw me where they will until I die–

The route of failure, taking the easy way home

Although, in shame.

But hold on, despairing soul–keep sailing!

Sail for those days when you’ll reach the sun’s warm light,

Keep on towards that horizon where Everlasting Life dwells

–steadfast and persevering!–

To that bright light of Heaven…

To your soul’s true home, in victory!

Sail through life’s waters, faithful bondservant

Letting God steer your way and filling the sails…

…That long and forlorn path will soon come to an end.

Our hope is in Him.

As the sea leaves Its boundary to touch the sky

We leave the shackles of earth to touch the heavens

And are home forever-more……

We shall prevail.


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*This poem provided via the book “BLEEDING HEART”: AMAZON

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