Writing Step 4

Now that your book is written it is time to decide your answer to the BIG QUESTION:

“To self-publish or not to self-publish?”

To figure out what is best for you and your situation, you will have to weigh the pros and cons of publishing the traditional way versus self publishing.

If you don’t mind waiting months to get a reply from the agent you send your book to, and facing the possibility that they won’t accept your work and you’ll then have to try, possibly, several agents before one decides to work with you–If you don’t mind the waiting, then publishing through an agent may not be such a bad idea for you. After all, there are many pros to having an agent who will do all the marketing and selling of your book for you! However, when working with an agent, as with any partner, they will most likely have things they want to change, or alter to improve your book–from their point of you. But your view may be that you don’t want any changes at all and love the manuscript just the way it is–that’s one of the cons. Unless you don’t mind them making changes. Some people may be grateful for the help of a second person working to improve their book.

I, however, chose the self publishing route. Mainly because I don’t want somebody trying to change what I have already worked so hard on, or waiting months and months hoping the agent I sent a query to will be interested–It just wouldn’t work for me. I want the freedom to create my book the way I feel and believe is best.

Now, the one thing that did concern me with going into the self publishing realm was cost. I don’t have 1000s of dollars to spend getting my book printed! But, thankfully, by doing a lot of research I was led to the existing cheaper alternatives: Smashwords and Createspace.

Smashwords is totally free, you do all the work. Createspace I am just now diving into, and learning as I go along.

So for now, in this time after having finished writing your book, consider the pros and cons and decide which route will work best for you. And it may be that some of your books you want to self publish and others publish through an agent–going for both routes!

Here are two articles to help you in your decision and get you thinking which path to take: should-you-self-publish-your-first-book and derekhaines/self-publish-often-and-short/

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