The enemy: Carpal Tunnel :(

Yep, it turns out the dread carpal tunnel is to blame for the sudden intense pain in my wrist which felt like I’d fractured it X(  It turns out that I had had it for months now without knowing it, until it suddenly and painfully spiked. I’m writing about this so hopefully none of you guys will end up in this same situation as me.

If you start to feel a minor irritation in the center area of your wrist (like I had) it’s possible you may be on the verge of carpal tunnel. It felt more annoying than anything and so I ignored it–wrong thing to do. Carpal tunnel is the result of doing too much of the same thing, in other words the same hand movements–typically from things such as: writing, drawing, painting, typing. I had no idea typing on the computer a few hours a day was damaging my wrists. The doctor told me there are keyboard rests for your hands and wrist holders for the computer mouse you can find at places like Staples, and this will ease the position of your wrists while typing. Apparently, your wrists are supposed to remain in a level position with your fingers so that they neither droop down nor rise high, but perfectly horizontal.

Hope this info helps you all, and prevents anybody else falling prey to the dreaded carpal tunnel 😉

2 thoughts on “The enemy: Carpal Tunnel :(

    • Right now I am wearing a flexible wrist-and-arm brace. The important thing, in my situation, for me is to not let my wrist freeze up. I am seeing a specialist soon, but for now my doctor said to have sessions of moving it around much as I can and then placing ice for 15min, along with a daily dose of 2 advil/ibuprofen every 6 hours to reduce the unseen swelling. I’ll have more info once I see the specialist.


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