Writing Step 2

Okay, so now it’s time for the next steps!

  • Audience: As you’re writing be sure to keep your audience in mind. Is this something that will appeal to them? Relate to them, and their situation in life? Really keep in mind your readers’ age group and what the majority of them are thinking and feeling, and what problems many face in their daily life that you’d like to address–such as “growing old” or “bullies at school” or “depression”, being “the outcast”, “raising a child”, whatever fits for your book. Also think about what you are trying to tell your readers through the story: is there a lesson involved? or is it more on the fun and silly side with no need for lessons?
  • Review: Yay, you’ve finished writing your book! Congratulations!! Now…time to review! Yes, I know what you’re thinking. It’s that necessary, tedious and boring part that comes right after you’re excited about having written a book. However, it will be no where near complete without revising. I’ve tried going over my stuff one time only to find I need to go over it again and again…*sigh*. But overall it’s worth the effort! Even if it feels like it’s taking fooorever to review, it really is worth it and your story will be polished to near perfection by the time you’re done! I recommend going over and reading through your book at least 3 times, and no more than 7 times (or you might drive yourself crazy).
  • Cover: Think of the cover of your book as like a “poster” or representation of, overall, what your story is about. And what genre. Again, keep your audience in mind here–what cover would most appeal to them and grab their attention? What will make them pick up your book instead of the other 20 on the shelves? Is it geared toward women?–give it a feminine touch and feeling. For guys?–maybe go for a bold design that will catch their eye. I know it’s hard to figure out just what look will work best, so try experimenting. Sketch out 5 different ideas and then ask friends or family, who are already interested in the same genre as your book, and get their opinions.

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